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Workplace relations advisors who are also lawyers? This means we have full coverage of all issues in your business. From unfair dismissals, to discrimination, to protections at work, you can find the support you need.

Many employers wait until the last minute to seek representation when a claim is made. With the services of NRA Legal, you won't have to. Our representation on litigious claims will free up your time, finances, and improve your chances of a fair result. The team at NRA Legal provide experienced and trusted representation, a clear and concise strategy to proceed and expert execution of said strategy.

Our team of lawyers can represent you and your business in any court in Australia. Whether it’s an unfair dismissal claim in the Fair Work Commission or a pay dispute in the Federal Court, our lawyers will devise the most cost-effective strategy and advocate on your behalf.

A weight lifted off your shoulders

Regardless of jurisdiction or location, our team can help. We have a proven track record of representing organisations of all sizes, Australia-wide. No more second guessing.


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