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The ability to carry out an effective workplace investigation is an essential skill for any business owner, manager, or HR professional. Unfortunately, this is not a skill that is taught by any business school, but by experience and observation of investigations – and their outcomes – in practice.

It is difficult to know where to start when a complaint or grievance is raised, and although many businesses approach workplace investigations with the best of intentions, mistakes are often made. Good intentions or otherwise, the Fair Work Commission has increasingly little sympathy for bungled investigations.

NRA Legal’s experienced employment lawyers are ideally placed to undertake an impartial investigation as required by your business. Whether it’s a simple matter of “he-said, she-said” or a forensic analysis of financial and technical data and everything in between, we’ll give you the confidence that the right questions have been asked and an evidence-based conclusion.

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Do you need an impartial workplace investigation?

With a workplace investigation performed by NRA Legal, you can be certain that the investigation will be conducted in a procedurally fair manner with a professional, clear and evidence-based outcome.

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